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Your ideas keep you up at night. They fill you with energy and passion. It’s what you think about in the shower, when you’re walking down the street, and every time you close your eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the world felt the same way? We’re here to help you communicate your ideas in a way which matters, so that your prospects not only hear your message, but actually get it viscerally, in the gut and become as passionate about your business as you are.

We work with educators, authors and entrepreneurs who see the world in unique and interesting ways. If this is you, then let’s talk.

Nathan James Thomas 

Writing That Builds a Passionate Community Around Your Business

Through working with brands around the world we’ve seen time and time again that the secret to success is simple: be authentic and deliver value.

Many people we work with initially have the seeds of a great community – a newsletter of a few thousand people, some great content, a core group of trusted customers – but they could be doing so much more.

Our copy is designed to create a bond between you and your audience that is much stronger than just ‘company – customer.’ It’s about making you into someone they trust, building your audience into a passionate community of raving fans and repeat customers. 

By combining this philosophy with good storytelling, a sense of an overarching mission, and smart marketing techniques and implementation, we’ll put your business at the centre of a passionate, motivated community.

Thriving Clients Around the World

Thanks to Nathan we’ve taken our email marketing to the next level to better connect with our audience and give our message more impact. Nathan is able to read our mind and transform our intentions into words much more accurately than we are able to ourselves. Our audience have responded much better to our communication since Nathan has started taking care of it.

Patryk Wezowski Producer "Leap" film, founder of the Center for Body Language

When Nathan joined our team, he quickly turned our communication efforts into a coherent, likeable multichannel of blog posts, social media and newsletters. I saw the results right away with increased engagement across all channels in terms of shares, click through rate and comments. His fresh ideas and technical know-how have been an invaluable part of our growing success

Ida SpeyerMarketing Manager, Hutong School

Running my media company takes up 110% of my time, so i have very little time to look around to grow my business. But in just one session, I was inspired by Nathan to give my digital marketing plan a boost! With intelligent no nonsense advice and marketing planning, I have a results driven marketing plan in place for the next 12 months. Put simply, I was able to leverage my existing customers to increase customer inquiries and revenue overnight! Get inspired, hire Nathan.

Barry KirkhamCEO Firefly New Media UK

Nathan Thomas has furthered our online marketing of our self help range of books across the major English speaking markets. He brings a knowledgable dollar sensible approach to making things happen and and makes a big difference without using much of our time or resources.

Gareth St John ThomasCEO, Exisle Publishing

Nathan helped us grow our list, improve our website copy and reach more people online.

Sezgin Hergul Marketing Manager, UsabilityTools

How we can help

Email Marketing Campaigns

That transforms your dormant newsletter subscribers into passionate fans (and customers) and helps you launch your next product with explosive impact. 

Not Just “Content”

Because there’s enough ‘content’ online already. You’ve got something to say, and we’ll help you say it with purpose in articles, videos and online materials.

Website Copy and Landing Pages

That helps you grow your audience and increase your revenue whilst staying true to your vision and identity.

Just want the writing taken care of?

Ad hoc ‘on the fly’ copywriting support so you know that the words you are using have the impact you want them to. 

It’s Time To Give Your Ideas The Impact They Deserve

We work with only a handful of clients at a time to ensure your project gets maximum focus and attention. Like a good meal out, prices vary depending on whether you want just a ‘snack’ or are staying around for that third bottle of Pinot Noir. To give you an idea of how things normally work, your investment in a high impact online sales letter could be up to $2500, less for a simple landing page. Articles that stand out with meaningful, original content are normally around $400-600. Monthly rates for ‘ad hoc’ support for your emails and ‘odds and ends’ writing tasks start from $600. (All prices in USD). Get in touch below for a proposal. 


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