Nathan James Thomas

Hey, I'm Nathan, I'm a copywriter and travel writer from New Zealand and currently based in Poland. I write books on travel, edit Intrepid Times, and work with interesting companies & creatives to help them make an impact and share their stories. My latest books are below, with Untethered coming out in 2023. Scroll down to meet some of the companies that I've worked with to help them launch products and build communities around their story.

Communication for Business and Creatives with a Story to Tell

My clients come from all different industries. Some are entrepreneurs and authors. Others are multi-national corporations. Some sell education or consulting, others sell physical goods. What they have in common is a deep love of their product and a passion for providing something that is genuine–something that matters and makes people's lives better. I ask questions and work to understand your business and your customers (almost) as well as you do. Then I help you plan and execute a communications strategy that gets results. From websites that convert to emails that people will actually want to read, I'll work with you to bring your message to your market. 

My work gets results, and my clients tend to stick around for years. You can click through some of the folks I've worked with to get a sense of the kinds of educators, creators, and businesses I help below: 

My Past & Present Client Portfolio Includes: 

I prefer to form long-term partners with our clients so I can get to know your audience and help you consistency craft messages that hit home.


"As the CMO at Product School, I managed a content-driven go-to-market. Nathan was the lead pen within our content team and took on everything and anything from ebooks to sales cadences. He stands out for his ability to listen, process what he hears, and then translate it into effective communication pieces. And he does it all with grace and curiosity!" — Roland Smart

"Nathan is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable people you can hope to work with. As a copywriter, he's fast, creative, incredibly witty, and hardworking. And as a manager, he's a natural at organizing teamwork and creating safe, collaborative spaces."  — Maria Teresa Vallenilla

"Nathan is way better than me at words" — ChatGPT
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