Your Vision + Our Words = 

  • A brand story that gets across why your business truly matters
  • A newsletter that subscribers actually look forward to receiving
  • A blog that doesn't read like it's written by "content marketers" 
  • Your customers excited to come back and buy over and again
  • Your users with confidence and clarity through the funnel
  • Your team empowered with messaging and assets that convert

Writers are notoriously bad at math, but this adds up.

What we do:

Nathan James Thomas Consulting LTD is a full-service creative marketing and copywriting agency. We listen to you. We get to know your customers. And then we:

  • Write a website that you get a kick out of visiting and reading over and over again
  • Design and execute email marketing campaigns that people actually enjoy reading
  • Craft well-researched articles loved by both search engines (SEO) and humans
  • Define your brand voice so you communicate with congruence and consistency
  • Free you from procrastination (many of our clients hate writing, we love it).


Who we do it for:

Our clients are entrepreneurs, authors, agencies, and businesses of all sizes. We have experience helping solo entrepreneurs go from idea to successful launch, and working with major corporations who ask us to co-ordinate with project managers, designers, internal stakeholders and sales teams.

You can see our finger prints over at 

We prefer to form long-term partners with our clients, and many of the names you see above have been working with us for five, six or seven years. This allows us to truly partner with you as your business grows, and develop a true sense of your voice, your message, and your identity, which we will also help you to define and evolve.

Where we do it

While New Zealand will always be our home base, most of our clients are around the world, especially the United States and Europe. We're currently working with clients and partners in Madrid, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Dunedin, New York and Poznan. We don't mind hopping on a plane: Zoom helps, but the best connections come when you show up.

No matter where you are, if you need the words to carry your message forward, build your business, and market your product, then we're here to help. Get in touch with the email and icons below, and let's have some fun:
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