Words With Purpose

"Nathan is way better than me at words" — ChatGPT

"As the CMO at Product School, I managed a content-driven go-to-market. Nathan was the lead pen within our content team and took on everything and anything from ebooks to sales cadences. He stands out for his ability to listen, process what he hears, and then translate it into effective communication pieces. And he does it all with grace and curiosity!" — Roland Smart

"Nathan is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable people you can hope to work with. As a copywriter, he's fast, creative, incredibly witty, and hardworking. And as a manager, he's a natural at organizing teamwork and creating safe, collaborative spaces."  — Maria Teresa Vallenilla

Nice to meet you, looks like you're after some words?

I'd be happy to help out. Over 10 years as a copywriter, editor and content leader, I've worked on pretty much every kind of written material you can imagine. My work gets results, and clients stick around for years. You can click through some of the folks I've worked with to get a sense of the kinds of educators, creators and businesses I help. 

My Past & Present Client Portfolio Includes: 

I prefer to form long-term partners with our clients, scaling up the work and hours needed as best suits you. Contact me with the details below and let's talk!

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